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1. Privacy Statement
This Privacy Policy sets forth regarding information transmitted through and collected from the web-sites, www.elena-rethorn.com (collectively referred to herein as the “Site”), on-line information only. This policy does not relate to or set forth our practices regarding information that we collect off-line. Elena Rethorn Coaching & Consultancy remains committed to maintaining the confidentiality of Users, as defined, that we will protect information submitted to on-line. In order to assure Users that we are committed to protecting the information obtained through this Site, this policy discloses our practices related to on-line information gathering, disclosure, and protection. This policy is to be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions, which regulate the use of the Site.

2. Information Collected
In some cases, Users provide Personally Identifiable Information on-line, such as, Users who submit electronic copies of their resumes or those who submit inquiries or comments with contact information. For Users who submit resumes on-line, whether in response to a requisition for a particular position at Elena Rethorn Coaching & Consultancy or otherwise, the information submitted will be maintained for a period of one (1) Year, unless notification is provided, in writing, to delete the information sooner.

For the purposes of this policy, Users, who access on-line catalogs with authorization to purchase products, those who use our products and services or those who participate in our web-based training, will be referred to as a ‘Customers’. Some Customers may be required to provide Personally Identifiable Information including one or more of the following: Customer’s user name, e-mail address, identification number, or password. In certain circumstances, the password that a particular Customer is required to provide was assigned to that Customer by Elena Rethorn Coaching & Consultancy. For Customers, who wish to attend the Elena Rethorn Coaching & Consultancy sponsored ‘User Conference’, Personally Identifiable Information about a Customer, such as the Customer’s name, address, and other contact information is provided to us when they fill out the on-line registration form. We do not request or collect Customer’s credit card information on-line.

We do not request or collect any age identification information or any personal health information from Users on-line. We are committed to protecting the privacy of children.

3. Uses of the Information Collected
We use the Information collected to make the Site more User friendly, track error messages, gather broad demographic information for aggregate use and track attempted attacks on the network.

4. Disclosure and Sharing of Information
Except as set forth in this policy, we do not rent, sell or share Personally Identifiable Information submitted by Users through our Site. In general, we do not share Users’ Personally Identifiable Information with third parties. However, there are certain third party administrators, service providers, and contractors who are given access to such information. This access is necessary as part of the services that such third party service providers and contractors provide to us, which includes but is not limited to administration and recruiting, maintaining our network and related equipment, or maintaining and updating certain databases and servers.

All information submitted by Users interested in job opportunities at Elena Rethorn Coaching & Consultancy is received, stored, and maintained by a third party. This information is stored on a server, which is owned and maintained by that third party. This information will only be shared with our personnel and third party administrators, service providers, and contractors, who need to know the User information to perform their primary function, the recruiting and hiring of employees for our company.

5. Security
In order for to protect the information on our Site and the information obtained from Users, we have implemented appropriate measures and processes to maintain the security of the Site. Such measures and processes include, intrusion detection devices, firewalls, and audits. Although we protect the information we receive on-line, the transmission of the registration form for the ‘User Conference’, is not a secure transmission of data, however the registration form is received and maintained in a secure database.

6. Third Party Advertising
We do not permit third party ads to be placed on this Site. Although the names and/or trademarks (‘Marks’) of certain companies, with which Elena Rethorn Coaching & Consultancy may have a business relationship, may appear on the Site, those Marks are displayed on the Site solely for the purpose of providing information about certain aspects, components or availability of particular products and/or service offerings. Any and all such Marks are not to be construed as advertisements.

7. Changes to Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change our practices and statements contained in this policy related to the collection, use, and disclosure of information obtained on-line through our Site. If there are changes to our practices regarding the collection and use of information obtained on-line, we will update this Privacy Policy. Please be sure to read this policy prior to every use of this Site in order to be informed of our most current practices related to any information that may be obtained on-line. When the policy is updated, the ‘Revision Date’ below will change to reflect the date the policy was last revised, please refer to the ‘Revision Date’ to track the latest version of this policy.

8. Questions
If you have any questions or comments regarding the information contained in this policy or request additional information regarding Elena Rethorn Coaching & Consultancy or this Site, please contact: support@elena-rethorn.com

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