Elena Rethorn

Are you ready to embrace motherhood?

Exclusive parenting session for first-time mothers by parent coach Elena Rethorn

Hello beautiful momma!

We know you are in the joy of decorating the baby’s room, posing with your bump, knitting cute little winter clothes, and learning between breastfeeding and formulas. But have you realized that beyond adorable clothes and feeding choices, you’re stepping into a 24-hour role—that of a MOTHER!?

Ever wondered about your skill set, knowledge, communication skills, and patience level for this new role? Are you aware that the challenges others face as parents often go unspoken?

Amidst the internet’s bombardment of short-lived baby products, you’ve found the right place to discover the reality of first-time motherhood.
I’m Elena Rethorn, a mother and award-winning parent coach, here to guide you beyond the beautiful 9-month journey. Guide you to reality and goals. Transitioning from a mother to a newborn, to a toddler, to a teenager, and beyond requires parenting skills, tips, and techniques.

Together, let's lay the best

175 AED


What should you expect?

  • Bursting the myths about parenting.
  • Identifying your emotional goals
  • Keep yourself aware of your child's important phases and what you shouldn't do!
  • Educating you about certain things will help you, your partner, and your child cope with modern-era family values.
  • Q & A sessions with the coach
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